Client Proof

“I’m so proud of myself I just have to tell you about putting my Christmas stuff away yesterday. I bought clear totes (sadly, there were no green or red lids left though) and put almost all of my stuff away in clear totes. No more cardboard boxes that I couldn’t see through. The exception was my wreath (special wreath bag) and my tree…already has an unmistakable box of its own. Thank you so much for your presentation and suggestions, I’ve been working hard to put it into practice. I’m starting to feel much better! I even redid a shelf and cabinet, re-purposed the space and it works much better for us now.”

“Thanks for sending the gift cert. She loved it and Im hoping she’ll use it soon! Thanks again.”

“OMG I don’t know what to say, but THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe you wrote that whole thing up.  I’m overwhelmed – on 2 fronts I guess – that you made that effort to help me…and the work that lies ahead.  But actually breaking it up like that made me realize its doable.  thanks for that! thanks again SOOO much!”

“So, everyone LOVES the room, especially me! People are a bit upset that I am locking it tho and they can’t get in when they want…wahhhhhhh!:) Thanks again for allllll that you did! It looks quite amazing now!!! You are the greatest!”

“Hey. I keep forgetting to tell you how wonderful it is to have a clean and organized linen closet! Sometimes I open the door and I can’t even believe that’s my closet. Ha.”

“Thanks again for coming to our twins meeting. After you left the meeting, everyone raved about you and the presentation. Several people asked about my experience and seemed very interested. And everyone remarked that you were a great speaker, be proud! I have gotten motivated to do another cleaning too.”

“Overall it looks great! Pat and I both had a look at what was where and made a few adjustments. We will spend the week you are away “playing around with it. Thanks Jen! You did a great job.”

“It was great to meet you Jen! We are really looking forward to working with you! I can tell already you have some wonderful ideas and you are going to make our life so much more organized which will make me so much happier!”

Check out this link to read an article from City Beat about Chaos Contained LLC and Jennifer L. Young. Enjoy.


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